▫︎ NAME :  AXEL YO-YO CUP 2023
▫︎ DATE : 2023.12.09(SAT)
▫︎ Contents :  Cup,Guest Demonstrations,Sponsored Stage, etc. (Plan)
▫︎ Player entry : Free (Membership System

▫︎ Ticket (https://t.livepocket.jp/e/axelyc2023)
・General Ticket : ¥3,000+1D (All standing) *Ticket at the door ¥4,000+1D
・VIP Seat Ticket : ¥7,500+1D (Exclusive VIP seats located on the floor / Priority entry / Includes AXELYC T-shirt voucher / Limited number of tickets available) / Priority entry / AXELYC T-shirt exchange ticket included / Limited number of tickets available)
・S VIP Seat Ticket : ¥10,000+1D (You can see the stage from the S VIP sofa seat area one level above the stage. / Priority entry / AXELYC T-shirt voucher / Limited number of tickets available)
・SS VIP Seat Ticket : ¥15,000+1D (You can see the stage from SS VIP sofa seat area located on the first floor above. / Priority entry / Includes AXELYC T-shirt exchange ticket / Limited number of tickets available)

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▫︎ PLACE : JAPAN, TOKYO “GINZA BASE GRANBELL” (B3F, Guranberu SquareB2F, 7-2-18, Ginza, Chuo Ku, Tokyo To, 104-0061, Japan)










▫︎ Precautions
Those who do not follow the rules below may not be able to enter or leave.


-To all visitors
・ Because of the characteristics of a yo-yo event, yo-yos may fly in. ・ Please be aware that you may be injured by hitting the yo-yo you are playing.
・ Please pay close attention to people and things around you and refrain from practicing with earphones outside the practice space or playing outside the venue.
・ AXELYC and the facility will not be held responsible for any loss or theft of goods, damage to property, injury or accident.
・At the time of entry, athletes must present their membership number/name, and visitors must present their tickets at the reception.
・You will be required to pay for one drink separately at the time of admission.
・ Wristband / player pass will be confirmed at the time of re-entry.
・ Tickets will not be refunded or reissued under any circumstances.
・ VIP seats can only be used by those who have purchased a VIP ticket. We will be careful as soon as we discover a violation.
・Bringing in drinks/food is prohibited.


-About shooting in the hall
・ Please refrain from taking pictures with the flash or strobe during the performance. If the staff finds a violation, we will destroy the data on the spot and keep the camera, mobile phone, etc. until the customer leaves. (Excluding official cameras)
・ Although it is possible to shoot in the hall, uploading the performances and demonstrations of athletes to SNS in 30 seconds or more is prohibited. In addition, we will announce the prohibited content at the venue, so please follow that.


-To all the athletes participating in the competition
・ Please read the rules carefully before joining.


-Other notes
・ Please set your mobile phone to silent mode in the venue.
・ Please cooperate in reducing and separating garbage in the venue.
・ Admission fee and membership registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
・ Please manage your valuables and luggage by yourself or use a cloakroom.
・ We are not responsible for any troubles such as theft, property damage, or injury in the venue.
・ Please reimburse for damage.
・ If you are swearing or doing dangerous acts, you may be disqualified or sent off.
・ Due to the production of the event, the venue may become very dark. Please manage valuables and be careful not to get injured or have an accident. In addition, parents are kindly requested to keep an eye on their children.



■Member benefits
1. Lssuance of membership number
2. Eligibility to participate in AXEL YO-YO CUP 2023 hold on 2023.12.09.
3. Free admission to AXEL YO-YO CUP 2023 hold on 2023.12.09.
⚠︎ We will stop accepting applications as soon as the capacity is reached.





AXEL YO-YO CUP (formerly JAPAN YO-YO CUP) was established in 2020, aiming to pioneer a new direction for competitive yo-yo scenes and broaden the horizons of the yo-yo community.

We will host various events, Online / Real Cup, etc. where players from all over the world can participate. The intention to use the word, “Cup” is based on the idea of ​​creating a competition with a different taste from “Contest”.
Considering the scarcity of yo-yo competitions that focus on its “Culture” in Japan, our focus is not only on maintaining high standards but also designing a good competition by devising competition rules, incorporating perspectives from diverse players, as well as appointing music experts as judges for the music category. Our goal is to revitalizing the yo-yo community and enhancing its image.

While using the term ‘Cup’ in the event name aims to boost recognition, we further enhance the event by adding non-competitive aspects such as showcases, battles, live performances by artists, and DJ sessions. These contents provide extra entertainment for participants and also ensures an enjoyable experience for attendees from various countries. We hope these contents will also inspire and expand the musical options for yo-yo competitors.

This cup will consist of five divisions: 1A (single hand string), 2A (double handle looping), 3A (double hand string), 4A (offstring), 5A (counterweight). These divisions are conducted in a freestyle format, 1min for preliminaries and 2min for finals. Additionally, we will hold Amateur and Over-30 divisions, both in a 1min freestyle format. Our judging panel will include distinguished Japanese yo-yo players and music experts familiar with yo-yo performances and deeply understands “Cultures” of other fields. The competition will be evaluated based on three criteria through a rigorous judging process.




▫︎Yuuki Yamaguchi / Yackle

Hello. I am Yuki Yamaguchi, I am the representative of #AXELYC. In addition to a yo-yo player, I am also active
as a musician, DJ, and event organizer under the name of Yackle.
When I was in the age of 10, I met Hyper Yo-Yo and then started competing in competitions. Since the source of my motivation for yo-yo was greatly involved in competitions and events.
From last year, hosting events that incorporate yo-yo as well as music. Planning an event “AXELYC” in a new format / content, enjoyed by players from amateurs to professionals.
We also built a new monetization method to give back not only to the players but also to all the mentioned brands.
We hope to make the yo-yo community even more exciting. Also, music is indispensable for yo-yo freestyle competitions.
Thanks to my yo-yo life, now I make my living with music.
We have also set up a new item to make music stand out
and include it to the scores.
Since it is an international open tournament, it is great to be able to communicate with players from other countries regardless of nationality through yo-yo. I would like to make it more familiar. The first event was successfully held in 2020, and while updating the events title and improving problems, I would like to launch various projects and hold a continuously constant pace. I will do my best to establish a stable yo-yo event.
It would be grateful if you can help us.




Supporters from outside. We will take opinions of the main audience and those involved in
the event (judgments, etc.). Opinions from SUPPORT MEMBER will be considered and
incorporated more positively. In addition, discussions including SUPPORT MEMBER
will be held for consultations from the organizer.
Raise the level of the yo-yo industry / work on better event production.

▫︎Ayumu Harada

Team CLYW , Ir Pad




▫︎Hajime Miura

He is a 19 year old yoyo contestant from Tokyo, Japan. He started yoyo in 2010 and is currently competing in the 3A and 4A divisions. He has won the World Championship title 8 times.
He is the first person in history to win two divisions
world championships at the same time.



▫︎Shu Takada

Shu started yo-yoing when he was in 1st grade and won his first world yo-yo champion title when he was in high school. His one and only yo-yo style mixed with dance and acrobatics is a must see. He is based in Japan but travels across the globe for events and media appearances. Besides that, he produces his own signature model yo-yo and takes on his yo-yo abilities to other spots such as shows and lessons at schools.



▫︎Takeshi Matsuura

He is a yoyo contestant
from the Japanese yoyo brand “Turning Point”. He is the organizer of “MAVETRICK”
and the showcase event “Chain Reaction”. After winning many titles as a world champion,
he has been working on various actions to change the industry.

▫︎Takumi Hakamata

Member of “Yoyorecreation”. He is a yo-yo player from Hamamatsu City. His freestyle style of performing high-risk tricks one after another has attracted the attention of various players. He is also the owner of the yo-yo parts brand “hkmt equepment”, and provides high quality products to the world.






▫︎hibari / Jun Mikai

Started activities as a graphic designer in 2008. Worked on CD jackets for many artists and artwork for various advertisements. In addition to providing designs for corporate logos and apparel brands, In yo-yo, he belongs to “sOMEThING by YoYoAddict” and “FIST SALUD”. He provides artwork to numerous brands both within and outside Japan.




Yuki Nishisako

A yo-yo contestant born in Hyogo prefecture in 1998. Started yo-yo when he was in the 6th grade. Mainly active in the 1A category. It is a signature model of its own from the sponsor brand “UNPRLD”. The flashback has been released and is drawing attention not only in Japan but also from all over the world.