・1A – Single hand string division
・2A – Double hand looping division
・3A – Double hand string division
・4A – Offstring division
・5A – Counterweight division
・Amateur – Amateur division (Requirements : Must not have placed in the top 10 in each A division in any previous competition, nor in the top 3 in any restricted competition such as amateur division or junior competition.)
・Over 30 – 0ver 30 division


□1A-5A (Preriminary)、Amateur、Over 30 – 1 minutes


・1A-5A(Final) – 2 minutes


・What the judges and the competition management deem to be inappropriate


No restrictions (from any country in the world)
Regarding 1-5A, the winners of each divisions of AXELYC 2022 OFFLINE will be given seeding rights.


・No restrictions


■ Number of people who passed the preliminary round
Approximately 2 to 7 people in each divisions.
The final will be held by qualifiers + sponsor seed players + seed players.


1A div. 1st ¥30,000-
2A div. 1st ¥10,000-
3A div. 1st ¥10,000-
4A div. 1st ¥10,000-
5A div. 1st ¥10,000-
Over30 div. 1st ¥10,000-
*Payment : PayPal (If you are under 18 years old, please use your parent’s PayPal account with their consent.)


* If a remittance fee is incurred, it will be borne by the player. 





50%【[TS / Technical Score (technical scoring criteria)】* Scoring by using clicker]
★Judges use two clickers to count points added and deducted.
■ Points to be added
Add points using a clicker according to the difficulty of the trick / element based on judges’ decision.
If the same trick is performed more than once, points will not be added from the
second time onward.


■ Target of deduction
・ Stopping yo-yo (including dropping it)
・ Replacement of yo-yo
・ Failing to hit strings
Losing control of the yo-yo


40%[ES / Evaluation Score (overall evaluation scoring criteria) ]
■ Risk 10% (Non Amateur division)
・ Was the technique higher than the standard?
・Did the player perform a technique that gave a significant impact on freestyle result and quality?


■ Rarity 10% (Non Amateur division)
・ Did it express the player’s unique-creative skills and styles?
・ Did the player performed an innovative technique?
・ Were there a uniqueness in the freestyle compared to a standard freestyle?


■ Zoning 10%
・ Did the player use the space effectively to conduct tricks?
・ Player should not perform the trick without the movement of entire body.
・ Player should avoid any unnatural movements that overemphasize the technique.


■ Control 10%
・ Was the technique and body movement sophisticated?
・ Was the control of the yo-yo and its trajectory sophisticated?


■Precision 10% (Amateur Only)
・Are the player’s movements controlled well?
・Does it look like the player is struggling to complete their tricks, or are they executing them with ease?


■Variance(Amateur Only)
・How many different types of tricks did the player perform in relation to the standard competitor?
・Did the player perform trick archetypes that surprised the judges?
・Was the player able to perform different trick types in a presentable fashion, or did foreign trick types look more difficult to the player?


10%[MS / Music Score (music scoring criteria) 10%]
・Did the techniques and performances matched the points of the music, sound effects, and rhythm?
・ Was the atmosphere of the music, techniques, and performance in total matched to the environment?
・ Overall, how well was the composition of the technique and freestyle fit to the music?
・Did the player not only synchronize a single moment in their performance with the music but also ensure that the music naturally complemented the player’s freestyle?


* In the unlikely event that the final score is the same, the player with the highest number of high-scoring items will be ranked higher by comparing the scores of each item of TS / ES / MS. If TS / ES / MS are exactly the same, the rate will be the same.





・Players choose their own music to use.
*There is no problem if the song contains the F-word, etc., but the use of songs that contain excessive drug references, discrimination, or other lyrics that may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 is prohibited.
*In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the artist side, etc. in using the song, the event side will not take any responsibility and the player will handle it.


The entry deadline is December 3, 2023 at 23:59.
After submitting the membership registration form and making a deposit, an entry slot will be secured, but depending on the entry status, we may stop accepting membership registration as soon as the capacity is reached.


■ About freestyle
・ Athletes must prepare within 30 seconds after entering the stage and leave the stage within 30 seconds after completing the freestyle.
・ You may remove the mask only while you are on stage during your own performance time.
・ The stage will be 480 cm (width) x 240 cm (depth).In addition, the usable range from the stage to the ceiling is about 300 cm.
・ No additional miss points will be deducted, and a clicker will be miscounted.




*If a rule violation or questionable content is discovered, the management and judges will have the final say.