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新イベントグッズ発表! / New event goods announced!

¥3,000 (tax in)




”hibari / Jun Mikami” が手掛けた #AXELYC ロゴがプリントされているTシャツです。




Mサイズ : 着丈72cm/身幅51.5cm/桁丈45cm
Lサイズ : 着丈75.5cm/身幅55.5cm/桁丈49cm
XLサイズ : 着丈79.5cm/身幅60.5cm/桁丈53cm



~ hibari / Jun Mikam ~
2008年よりグラフィックデザイナーとしての活動を開始。 ​
企業ロゴやアパレルブランドへのデザイン提供に加え、 ヨーヨーでは「sOMEThING by YoYoAddict」と「FIST SALUD」に所属。


A T-shirt with the #AXELYC logo (Designed by “hibari / Jun Mikami”) printed on a body.

It uses a premium cotton body and is very soft to the touch with a soft texture.



M size: Length 702cm / Width 51.5 cm / Girder length 45 cm
L size: Length 75.5 cm / Width 55.5 cm / Girder length 49 cm
XL size: Length 79.5 cm / Width 60 cm / Girder length 53 cm

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, it may take several months to arrive in some countries. please note that.



~ hibari / Jun Mikami ~
Started activities as a graphic designer in 2008.
Worked on CD jackets for many artists and artwork for various advertisements. In addition to providing designs for corporate logos and apparel brands,In yo-yo, he belongs to “sOME ThING by YoYoAddict” and “FIST SALUD”.
He provides artwork to numerous brands both within and outside Japan.and outside Japan.