2021.04.14 up

《#JYYCIO 2021 》フライヤーを公開! / The flyer is released!


“2021.05.21(FRI)~22(SAT) #JYYCIO”


201819年ヨーヨー世界大会3位の実力を持つヨーヨープレイヤー“Yuki Nishisako”と音楽方面でも活動しているヨーヨープレイヤー“Yackle”が主催となり、昨年始動した日本発のインターナショナルオンラインヨーヨーイベント『JAPAN YO-YO CUP -Internatinal Online-』が、本年は5/21~222日間に開催!
現在受付中の会員登録・エントリー受付は5/5 23:59締め切りとなっているので、ご出場をお考えの方はお忘れなく!


The international online yo-yo event “JAPAN YO-YO CUP -Internatinal Online-” that started last year will be held over two days this year, May 21-22! The event will be hosted by Yuki Nishisako, a yo-yo player who placed third in the 2018 and 2019 world yo-yo contest, and Yackle, a yo-yo player who is also active in the music field.
Starting this year, 1A division will have preliminary rounds, with the preliminary rounds on the 21st and the main competition for all divisions on the 22nd.
The deadline for registration and entry is 23:59 on May 5, so don’t forget to register if you’re planning to participate!
Also, the guest demonstrators and commentators for the day will be posted on the official SNS, so be sure to check there as well.




‪YouTube : https://youtube.com/c/JYYCIO
Organizers : Yackle / Yuuki Yamaguchi & Yuki Nishisako / Flag
‪Design : hibari / Jun Mikami