■エントリーの流れ – Entry flow
1. 会員登録フォーム送信 – Send membership registration form
2. 会員登録費のお支払い – Payment of membership registration fee
※支払い : PayPal – https://paypal.me/AXELYC / axelyoyo.info@gmail.com (18歳未満の方は保護者の同意の上、保護者のPayPalアカウントをご利用ください。)
*Payment : PayPal – https://paypal.me/AXELYC / axelyoyo_info@gmail.com (If you are under 18 years old, please use your parent’s PayPal account with their consent.)
3. 会員番号をメールで受信 – Receive your membership number by email
4. 参加エントリーフォーム送信 – Send participation entry form



■エントリー締切 – Membership registration deadline
2023.12.3 23:59 (JST)


*Payment and Membershiop registration are also up to the above deadline.


■エントリー登録 (部門ごとに) / Entry registration (for each division)


*Entry fee is free.


ルール / Rule


* Please make settings in advance to receive emails from “axelyoyo.info@gmail.com”.



*Our staff will check your order at any time and send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.



*At the time of entry, if you are participating in Amateur/Over30/Seed and only one of the two music submission forms is attached, an error has occurred that prevents you from submitting the entry form. In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please attach the same song to both and send it.



*If you have any changes to the music, yo-yo, etc. used, please submit the form again before the deadline. We will use the latest data.



    必須/REQUIRED ■お名前 (ニックネーム可能) / Your Name (Nickname possible)

    必須/REQUIRED ■メールアドレス / E-mail

    必須/REQUIRED ■会員番号 / Membership Number

    必須/REQUIRED ■出場部門 / Participation Division

    *部門毎に登録して下さい。- for each division

    必須/REQUIRED ■使用ヨーヨー / Use Yo-Yo

    任意/OPTIONAL ■スポンサーブランド / Sponcer Brand

    [checkbox checkbox-284 use_label_element "]

    任意/OPTIONAL ■所属チーム / Affiliated Team

    シード選手のみ除く/Exclude only seeded player ■1-5A予選、Amateur、Over30使用楽曲 / 1-5APre、Amateur、Over30 Used Music

    シード選手のみ除く/Exclude only seeded player ■1-5A予選、Amateur、Over30楽曲データ / 1-5APre、Amateur、Over 30 Music Date (データ形式 / Data Format : mp3 ※~10MB)

    1-5A 選手のみ/1-5A Player Only ■1-5A決勝使用楽曲 / 1-5A Final Used Music

    1-5A 選手のみ/1-5A Player Only ■1-5A決勝楽曲データ / 1-5A Final Music Date (データ形式 / Data Format : mp3 ※~10MB)

    任意/OPTIONAL ■備考欄 / Remarks

    必須/REQUIRED ■最終確認 / Confirmation